Seeds Started!

I started my seeds on Tuesday and Wednesday night! I kept things pretty simple this year. I’m not going to experiment with any new things this year, because I barely have time to keep up with the basics.

Here’s what I’ve started so far:


Once again, these are going to steal the show. All the tomatoes I’m planting this year are from seeds I collected from my garden last year. Yea, I’m cool like that.

I’m growing a sauce tomato called San Marzano; a plum-shaped paste tomato called orange banana; cherry tomatoes called Riestraube, sweet cherry, and chocolate; a beefsteak tomato called Hawaiian pineapple; and a beefsteak-like tomato called Black from Tula.


I’m growing LOTS of regular old jalapenos this year because I want to can pickled jalapenos. I’m going to grow a whole row of these. I’m also going to grow Anaheims and bell peppers.


Lettuce-leaf basil, green-husked tomatillos, eggplant (Listada de Gandia), rosemary, thyme, cucumbers, cantaloupe (Athena), and blue hubbard squash. I grew another type of squash last year called, Marina Di Chioggia, which I love even more than blue hubbard, but I lost half my seeds this year (because of moisture followed by mold). Because I still have blue hubbard seeds, I’m going to use them.

Forthcoming (all direct-seeded)

Carrots, some type of green been (pole, stringless), peas; and lettuce (in God’s own raised bed).

Things I’m NOT growing again this year and why

Potatoes: In my opinion, these are a lot of work with the setup I have right now (growing them IN the garden). I’ll probably grow them again one year, but I’ll grow a LOT of them, and I’ll figure out some awesome way to store them.

Onions: The point of growing your own food is so that you don’t have to buy the food. In the case of onions, I’d have to plant a ton of them to make it worth it, and I’m just not up for that right now. It was fun to grow a few clusters, but I still had to buy onions. Like potatoes, one year I’ll grow a ton and figure out a way to store them successfully.

Garlic: I forgot to plant my garlic last fall!! I’m devastated and still getting over it. Rest assured I’ll be planting a ton this fall.

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4 thoughts on “Seeds Started!

  1. Once again, I am so jealous of your garden knowledge and ambition. One of these years I will find the energy to get back into it. For now, I’ll read your blog and progress. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Haha. Thanks! And you know what? Gardening will still be around when your kids are a bit older and when you can take some of your energy and put it toward veggies ๐Ÿ™‚ In the interim, I’ll bring you some veggies at craft day!

    • Thanks, Charlie! Keeping a garden is definitely one of the few advantages to living a fairly sedentary 9-5 lifestyle.
      Love your website, btw. Love the Seattle area! I’ll keep note of this site the next time I visit.

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